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BabyStamps are real U.S. Postage stamps customized by you! Mail your memories. Mail your life. Click below to create your own stamp.

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From showing off your baby, to creating custom party invites, or simply sharing cherished memories, click here and get inspired.

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BabyStamps Custom Stamps

Share your most cherished memories with BabyStamps. They’re easy to create, Real U.S. Postage stamps that you can customize yourself!

Sometimes uploading that precious memory to your social network site just isn’t enough. Those moments deserve something more, something tangible. BabyStamps custom stamps are a fun and creative way to share your love for your child. Our straightforward stamp creator makes creating custom BabyStamps effortless. Upload your picture, select your postage amount, then use our image editor to make it just right. Your customized real U.S. Postage stamps will be on their way!

Baby Bump

Baring the Bump

Suzy’s bump is blossoming, and it’s time to show it off to faraway family and friends.

Tossing those photos onto Facebook isn’t enough: her grandparents in Boston don’t use the Internet. Thanks to BabyStamps, Suzy can show off her bump in a way that will delight her grandparents — not to mention the rest of her family and friends. See More Ideas!

Airplane and Stamp
Balloons and Family

The Birthday Bash

John and Bella’s newborn is… well, at one year, it’s getting hard to call her a newborn! They grow up so quickly, don’t they?

The couple’s collaboration on a knockout invite for their daughter’s first birthday party hit a snag. Something’s missing—they’re just too plain. But Bella found BabyStamps, used its simple software to create custom stamps, and now the invites are a smash! See More Ideas!

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